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Blu-ray/DVD/CD Replication Services

Blu-ray Replication Now Available! CAV has over 20 years of unequaled experience in optical disc manufacturing. Today we offer all aspects of Blu-ray, DVD and CD replication, duplication and distribution. Our services can take your DVD or Blu-ray from production line to consumer.

We offer all phases of replication, including Blu-ray, DVD and CD replication services at competitive prices. This includes: Authoring, Assembly, Color Silk Screen Printing, Offset Printing, Distribution, Packaging Design, Fulfillment, Packaging Printing, Sales Materials, Sales Representation and Warehousing.

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Complete Distribution Services
CAV is one of the oldest and most respected movie distribution companies in the United States. For just under 30 years, we have worked with labels and content owners to bring their films to the marketplace. Our retail partners, big and small, stretch from coast to coast and 'on-line' as well. We continue to aggressively expand our library of titles and we offer digital as well as physical distribution for nearly all genres of film.



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