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Mortal Challenge
Studio: New Horizons Genre: Science Fiction / Fantasy
Pre-Order Date: 11-30--0001 Release Date: 11-30--0001
Production Year: 0 SRP: $9.95
Catalog #: NH20636D UPC: 736991463691
Format: DVD Number of Discs: 0
Language: Subtitles:
Picture Format: Audio Format:
Plot Summary:
The year is 2003. A massive earthquake has destroyed Los Angeles dividing it into a luxurious island of the rich and the wretched wasteland of the remaining poor. Amidst the suffering, a maniacal doctor has created a gothic techno dungeon to wipe out the poor "barbarians" by pitting them against the centurions. In this dark neo Roman arena, a police officer and a group of gang members realize that they are up against powerful forces and invisibles eyes determining their fate. To live, they must kill maybe even each other.
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