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Pound of Flesh
Studio: CAV Entertainment Genre: Drama/Thriller
Pre-Order Date: 11-30--0001 Release Date: 11-30--0001
Production Year: 0 SRP: $14.95
Catalog #: OMI-113 UPC: 881190010990
Format: Blu-ray Number of Discs: 0
Language: Subtitles:
Picture Format: Audio Format:
Plot Summary:
In this sexy suspense thriller, Shakespearean enthusiast Professor Noah Melville (Malcolm McDowell,) runs an escort service at Barden College between rich benefactors (Timothy Buttoms) and intelligent college girls who need funding for their studies. While Melville believes that what he is doing is only helping both parties and human nature, his idyllic life crushes down when a young girl is found dead near the campus, and an unrelenting moralistic detectives (Angus Macfadyen) suspects him of being involved in the unsolved crime.
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