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Director: Be?la Tarr
Cast: Erika Bo?kMiha?ly Vig, Dr. Putyi Horva?th, Miklo?s B. Sze?kely
Studio: Arbelos Films Genre: Foreign
Pre-Order Date: 12-15-2020 Release Date: 01-12-2021
Production Year: 1994 SRP: $39.99
Catalog #: AR0004BD UPC: 663390004357
Format: Blu-ray Number of Discs: 2
Language: Hungarian Subtitles: English
Picture Format: High Definition 1080p 1.66:1 Audio Format: Dolby Digital Mono
Plot Summary:
One of the greatest achievements in recent art house cinema and a seminal work of “slow cinema,” Sátántangó, based on the novel by László Krasznahorkai, follows the members of a humble agricultural community living in a bleak and punishing backwater after the fall of Communism. As a few of the villagers secretly conspire to take off with all of the community's annual earnings for themselves, a mysterious messiah, long thought dead, returns to the village and alters the course of everyone’s lives forever. Shot in stunning black-and-white by Gábor Medvigy and filled with exquisitely composed long takes, Sátántangó unfolds in twelve distinct movements, alternating forwards and backwards in time, echoing the structure of a tango dance. Béla Tarr’s vision, aided by longtime partner and collaborator Ágnes Hranitzky, is enthralling and his portrayal of rural Hungary beset by drunken revelry, treachery, and near-perpetual rainfall is both transfixing and uncompromising. Sátántangó has been justly lauded by critics and audiences as a masterpiece and has been restored on occasion of its 25th anniversary.
Additional Information


- Blu-ray Artwork
- Sell Sheet

Special Features:

- New 4K restoraiton from the original negative and sound materials // New video interview “A Sense of Rhythm” with composer and actor Mihály Víg
- New video essay “Orders of Time in Motion” by Kevin B. Lee // 2007 archival interview with director Béla Tarr
- U.S. Theatrical Trailer
- New English subtitle translation
- New essay “How to Watch Sátántangó” by Janice Lee and Jared Woodland.


#36 on the Sight & Sound - British Film Institute’s Critic’s Poll of the 100 Greatest Films Ever Made.

 [Be?la Tarr is]one of cinema’s most adventurous artists, and his films, like Sa?ta?ntango? and The Turin Horse are truly experiences that you absorb, and that keep developing in the mind.”
- Martin Scorsese

 “Never less than mesmerizing...”- New York Times

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