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Film to Tape or Hard Drive

Whether high definition or standard definition, we stand ready to transfer your file to HDCAM-SR or Digital Beta tape stock for long-term storage. We offer direct media on hard drive for either format as well. Our transfer process will clean your film and remove the dust, dirt and scratches improving the visual experience.

Audio and Visual Assets

A successful Blu-ray or DVD project requires solid planning and working with a company familiar with various asset types. CAV can work with your HDCAM-SR, Digital Beta, DVCAM and MiniDV visual assets. For audio we are capable of using your DA-88 multi track audio, 48k PCM, WAV digital audio.

BD/DVD Authoring

Successful authoring comes from building a complete kit we require assets necessary to create your Blu-ray or DVD. We help you build the perfect kit for present and future uses. From film conversion to cleaning to encoding, we’ll make sure your kit includes visual assets on the media of choice. For audio we provide assets on DA-88, digital file, or both. A DVD-ROM with your still photography and any created artwork is also provided, as is a digital copy of your subtitle scripts and assets for all supported languages. This allows for easy transition from standard definition to future high definition or to simply make future changes to your existing Blu-ray and/or DVD project.

BD/DVD Manufacturing

We offer both BD50 and BD25 for double-layer or single-layer Blu-ray manufacturing. For standard definition DVDs, CAV offers DVD5, DVD9, and DVD-10 formats. We offer silk screen print and offset with full knock-out effects for special design disc printing.

Amaray / Special Packaging

CAV sells millions of cases per year. We carry in stock many of the popular case types such as single black, super clear, swivel door and M-Lock. For special projects we offer stacked disc case holding 4 or 6-packs. If standard cases are too standard, we offer custom special packaging. We create themed packages designed to fit your needs; from digi-packs and stack-packs to specialty boxes in unusual configurations that compliment your content.

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