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Replication Services

Offering unparalleled experience and unmatched opportunity. Our Thirteen years of optical manufacturing experience, starting back in laser disc manufacturing - has no equal. Our service can take your DVD or Blu-ray project from production line to consumer and that’s a unique opportunity.

No single replication service provider has the combination of experience, knowledge and our ability to take your project from master to market in all of these areas, offering a full range of options and services.

We offer the following Replication Services:

Authoring – we can design a simple or unique menu for your project. Production guaranteed without a check disc for all DVD and Blu-ray formats with our authoring. We can accomplish any menu design needed from basic to more complex designs.

Packaging design – give us your information and artwork, we will design your cover.
Printing - Our printing partners are known for quality workmanship and quick delivery. Your cover art, insert, sticker – we offer a wide range of printing options. Any information in printed form is handled - to your complete satisfaction.  
Fulfillment - our shipping facility will ship any quantity of your project worldwide, and warehouse your product on site.  
Sales materials – we can design and send release information to over 4,000 U.S. retailers which include resellers such as Hollywood Video, Blockbuster, Fry’s Electronics, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Barnes & Noble , and more.  
To the internet - we will get your film information and cover art out to all North American databases, from which websites draw their new release information from.  
Distribution - besides our own retail relationships, we sell to other DVD & Blu-ray distributors, which include VPD, Ingram Entertainment, Baker Taylor, MVD, Library Video and several other distributors.  

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