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CAV Distribution - 2023 Fall/Winter Releases

Men Behind the Sun Men Behind the Sun 2 Men Behind the Sun 3
Bollywood Horror Box Set Life is Cheap… But Toilet Paper is Expensive The Sinister Dr. Orloff
The Bad Pack Hard Gore Flesh Contagium
Fetus Paranoid Garden Death Athletic
Dr. Caligari Shadow of Death Avon Triple Feature

CAV Distribution - 2023 Summer Releases

Death Game: 3-Disc Deluxe Edition Chameleon Street Plan Sexenal
The Broken Mirror Night of the Executioner Ravishing Dany
The Fear    

CAV Distribution - 2023 Spring Releases

The Witches Mountain Dr. Caligari Mahakaal
Toxic Zombies    

CAV Distribution - 2023 Winter Releases

Cinematic Sorceress Collection: The Films of Nina Menkes TFW NO GF Don't Deliver us From Evil
In the Folds of the Flesh Haunted Turkish Bathhouse House of Terrors

CAV Distribution - 2022 Fall Releases

Love Brides of the Blood Mummy

The Horrible Sexy Vampire

The Other Side of the Mirror

Death Game




CAV Distribution - 2022 Summer Releases

Hotel Fear Stranger Vs. Stranger Ravager / Bushwhacker Double Feature
Ivone, Queen of Sin    

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